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Friday, 27 May 2011

The Things That I Wanna Tell U...

I'm sorry for being selfish n ignoring u..I just can't face u..can't c u in front of me.. I don't know y... U hurt me too much.. But that feels always disturbing me.. especially when u r in front of me... U always in my mind.. Whatever i do.. eat..sleep.. Every step that i did.. every breath... It always u.. I feels like wanna run away.. Far from u... far from this feeling.. But i cant.. and yet my heart were always yours.. the same time.. many people hate our relation... they're so jealous.. I don't know y i we have to be like this.. We never promise this to each other right... But i have to do this.. I have to choose them rather than u.. Sacrifice all my feelings toward u.. Make u hate me.. always have to make u hate me.. more..n more.. n more... i'm sorry... the only thing that i know is i love u.. just love u... i'm sorry..

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